This page outlines the duties of the meeting Chairperson.

Summary of the Chairperson role

  • Organises and manages the meeting.
  • Confirms the speakers rostered for that night.
  • Confirms the speech evaluators.
  • Confirms the other meeting roles e.g. Grammarian, Timekeeper.
  • Prepares the agenda.
  • Introduces a theme for the meeting.
  • Keeps the meeting running to time.
  • Ensure the venue is left clean and tidy at the end of the meeting.

Before the meeting

  • One week before the meeting email Club members to remind them of their scheduled role.
  • If speakers are not available ask for volunteer speakers.
  • Contact the VP Education if no speakers are available. They may be able to run a Club educational session.
  • Check and arrange for any special equipment required by any of the speakers.
  • All members (except those with speaking roles) are responsible for organising their own replacements. They should tell the chairperson of the replacement.
  • Prepare the agenda. Use the template in the Meeting Resources section. Allow time for speaker introduction as well as speech.
  • Allow one minute extra on each item (for example allow eight minutes for a seven minute speech).
  • Select a meeting theme.
  • Email the final agenda to Club members.
  • Print or photocopy at least 20 copies of the agenda.

Before people arrive

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the meeting.
  • Set up chairs, visitors book and chairperson table.
  • Help the meeting Host greet any guests.
  • Place an agenda on each chair for people to pick up on arrival.

At the start of the meeting

  • Start the meeting on time.
  • Greet everyone and introduce the theme of the meeting.
  • Outline any last minute changes to the meeting agenda.
  • Give a general overview of the meeting including number of speakers.

During the meeting

  • Manage the flow of the meeting
  • Provide continuity between speakers.
  • Lead the applause between speakers.
  • Keep an eye on the time. Ensure that the meeting is progressing through the agenda as planned.

After the break

  • Restart the meeting on time.

At the end of the meeting

  • Help farewell guests.
  • Help make sure that the room is left clean and tidy.