This page outlines the duties of the meeting Host.

Summary of the Meeting Host role:

  • Hosts the evenings meeting and provides support for the Chairperson.
  • Ensures the venue is set up before the meeting.
  • Confirms any special equipment for speeches is available.
  • Welcomes guests and records contact details in the visitor’s book.
  • Looks after guests during the meeting and supper break.
  • Provides supper for the break (milk, tea, coffee, biscuits).
  • Checks the venue is left clean and tidy after the meeting.
  • Turns lights off and locks doors.

Before the meeting

  • Buy milk to bring to the meeting.

Before people arrive

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before start of meeting.
  • Arrange the chairs into rows. Leave an aisle down the middle of the floor.
  • Assemble any special equipment needed by speakers.
  • Get equipment boxes from cupboard in kitchen.
  • Hang up Club banner on wall.
  • Arrange visitor’s book, pen and name tags by the door.
  • Place charter certificate and Chairperson’s gavel on Chairperson desk.
  • Unpack and test Timekeeper’s lights.
  • In the kitchen set out tea, coffee, milo, sugar, milk, cups, and biscuits.
  • Tell the Club committee if supplies are low.

At the start of the meeting

  • Greet guests at door.
  • Invite guests to enter their contact details in the visitor’s book.
  • Hand out member name tags to those who have them.

During the supper break

  • Bring the hot water kettle to the supper table.
  • Unwrap biscuits and serve the supper.
  • Ensure that guests are being looked after.

At the end of the meeting

  • Farewell guests.
  • Tidy venue and restack chairs.
  • Pack up the equipment box (including Timekeeper lights and name tags).