Table Topics Chair

This page summaries the duties of the Table Topics Chair.

Summary of the Table Topics Chair

  • Prepares and runs the Table Topics session.
  • Explains the purpose of Table Topics and impromptu speaking.
  • Ensures members who don’t have a meeting role get the opportunity to speak.
  • Chooses topics that are easy to speak to and help create a good atmosphere.

Before the meeting

  • Prepare a good selection of topics. There should be enough for all members who are not scheduled to speak. Include a few extra for any guests who want to speak.
  • Think about the theme. Try to have a topic that is related.

At the start of the meeting

  • Ensure that you have a copy of the agenda. This will tell you who is available for Table Topics. This will tell you who is not delivering a prepared speech and will be available for Table Topics.
  • Ask meeting guests beforehand if they would like to speak.

Running the Table Topics session

  • Introduce the session and its purpose.
  • Call on as many people to speak as possible. 4 – 5 is a good number.
  • Choose members who are not already scheduled to speak or evaluate. Club members may get to speak a lot but can miss out on impromptu speaking opportunities.
  • Interjections are allowed and even encouraged during Table Topics!

Ideas for chairing Table Topics

  • Describe the topic to them before calling on a member. This keeps up the tension!
  • Assign guests an easy topic so they feel more comfortablke. This may be their first time speaking to an audience.