Table Topics Evaluator

This page outlines the duties of the Table Topics Evaluator.

Summary of the Table Topics Evaluator role:

  • Evaluates the Table Topics speakers.
  • Evaluates the Table Topics chair.

Before the Table Topics session

During the Table Topics session

  • Use the Table Topics Evaluation Form to record:
    • the speaker’s name.
    • the speech topic.
    • one or two comments about the speech.
  • Also comment on the session as a whole.
  • Summarise your notes in the commendation/recommendation/commendation format.
  • Things to consider:
    • Did speaker speak for the whole two minutes?
    • Did the speaker use vocal variety or movement in their speech?
    • Did the speaker use many filler words?
    • Did the speaker answer the question or stick to the topic?
  • Prepare your notes about the Table Topics chair in the same format as the speeches.

After the Table Topics session

  • Check your evaluation is arranged into the commendation/recommendation/commendation format.
  • Check your evaluation also has an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Deliver your evaluation. Time restraints mean the evaluation will be brief. Aim for 30 – 45 seconds per speaker.
  • Keep your evaluation in the third person. That way everyone benefits from your feedback.