This page outlines the duties of the Timekeeper.

Summary of the Timekeeper role

  • Operates the lights that tell speakers how much time is taken.
  • Make notes of actual times taken.
  • Report on timing issues at the end of the meeting.

Before the meeting

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early, so you can be set up before the meeting starts.
  • Ensure that you have lights, stop-watch, a copy of the agenda and a pen to record speaker times.
  • Ensure that you know how to operate the lights and timer.

During the meeting

  • Listen to the introductions to confirm the time targets.Ask for clarification if timing is not clear from introduction or agenda.
  • Remember:
    • green light at “minimum” time
    • orange at “target” time
    • red light at “maximum” time.
  • Record the times of all the introductions, speeches, general business and evaluations.

At the end of the meeting

  • Decide upon your own format for reporting.
  • If time is short give a quick report on the main speakers.
  • If there is more room add remaining times to give a fuller report.